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Product Price List

Product Price List Digital Signage Templates

This Product Price List Promotional Template is precisely what your business needs if you're looking to quickly communicate some of the awesome deals that your company is running! On the right-hand side of this template is a picture of someone squeezing some sanitiser. The left-hand side of this template is a light blue coloured background that contains the heading, "Specials everyday" in white and bold text. Underneath contains the prices of four products, making this template a simple and effective way of communicating the offering to any template recipient and reader! These two portions of the template are separated by a cursive and wavy line, adding an element of character and personality to this whole template look and feel. Once you're done designing this template, send it around online. Or, you can print it out and hand it around or stick it around your neighbourhood so that you can start generating interest and sales today!

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