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Vitamin Discount Promotion Template

This fun and vibrant Vitamin Discount Promotion Template is perfect for you and your business if you sell vitamins at your online or physical store.

The background of this template features an intense banana yellow with an enlarged, conspicuous, capitalised font that writes, “Selected big brand vitamins.” Underneath, writes more details of the promotion that is being offered, which in this case is “Sale 50% off.”

The marketing copy as well as the promotion details, can undoubtedly be adjusted and edited to fit your business and your current promotion.

In the backdrop and on top of the distinct yellow background colour is an image of vitamins spread out the bottom right of the template.

At the very bottom of this template writes marketing copy that creates a sense of urgency, “Hurry offer ends Friday.”

Get designing and start sending this around as soon as possible to start generating more sales for your business today!

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