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Weight Care Pet Food Discount Template

Let fur parents know that they have an option in making their fur babies healthier with this cute and fun template. The Weight Care Pet Food Discount Template is for you if you offer any pet or animal-related products or services.

The vast majority of this template is an image of a cute cat sniffing on her food. A red diagonal line on top adds depth and elevates the template’s eye-catching factor.

On the other side is an image of the pet food product being offered. The header ‘Is your pet prone to weight gain?’ will pique the interest of pet lovers. The 30% discount offer may be the last push your customers need to buy your product.

Customise this template by changing any element to better match your business and offer. You can also add more design elements to achieve your desired results.

Once done, you can now share it online via social media, email, websites or print copies posted and distributed in your establishment.

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