Business Type

Real Estate

Use Case

Property sell / buy

Luxury Condo Rental Template

This Luxury Condo Rental Template is perfect for your real estate agency if you’re looking to showcase a condo or apartment to prospective buyers.

Featured on the template is an image of the interior of the condo with information about the rental situation and price beside it in white text on a black text box.

At the bottom of this template is more information about the property. In this example, the marketing copy begins with, “The perfect home for you” with the option of adding an additional paragraph underneath.

At the bottom of this template includes a snapshot of the key details of the property. For example, the address, the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms.

Edit this template to make the aesthetics suit you and your business’s brand. Once you’ve done that, replace all the details of the template to have it reflect the information of the property you’re selling next!

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