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Building Plumbing Load Warning

Building Plumbing Load Warning Digital Signage Templates

This template is perfect for strata and building managers who wish to warn their residents or tenants about the dangers of pushing rubbish down the toilet. The colouring in the template is light and neutral, made up of whites and greys. This goes well with the image of toilet paper rolls sitting upon a paper base, as well as the feature of dark leaves. The text is dark, which contrasts nicely with the lighter backgrounds. This template features a simple but pleasant font, with font sizes varying depending on whether or not the text is a heading, subheading or a last word. The combination of this messaging and the image, makes it very clear that the advertiser is warning against putting particular bits of refuse into the toilet and that if this is done, the sewerage system will clog. This template is easily editable, meaning it can be tailored to your requirements.

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