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How To Use Building Intercom Template

Show your tenants and residents your high-quality customer service and genuine care with stylish, informational, and consistent reminders and announcement posters and flyers. This template could be right up your alley if you manage or own a property or building.

The How To Use Building Intercom Template features two main sections: an image and an informational section. The print displays a corner of a household where a dog, houseplants, and several pieces of furniture can be seen.

The information section is highlighted in a yellow background, while the text is written clearly and concisely. The template’s overall design is homely and very helpful.

You can customise and personalise this template to reflect your management needs better. By adjusting the image, text, colours, and other elements, you can do this.

Once done, you can now print copies as posters and flyers to be posted in common areas and distribute them in high-traffic zones.

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