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Plumbing Friendly Reminder Template

Go beyond just advertising and marketing your offerings by releasing materials that remind or inform customers about the proper use of everyday things. The Plumbing Friendly Reminder Template is a perfect example of this.

If you run a plumbing, construction or any service-based business for the home, this template can effectively and creatively share some tips with your clientele.

This template features a stylish image of a basket of tissue rolls, which can pique your customer’s interest and further look into this promotional material.

Essential information, which contains the tip or reminder, is written on a white background to make it easier to read and stand out from the rest of the template.

With this fully customisable template, you can adjust the image, text, colours and other details to match your business’s needs.

Let your customers feel your genuine concern by taking the extra effort to remind them about simple things. This way, they will become long-time loyal customers of yours.

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