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Property Management Building Notice

Property Management Building Notice Digital Signage Templates

This Property Management Building Notice Template is perfect for you if you're hoping to announce an update to property residents.

This template can be broadly divided into two sections. On the right hand side, it features information about the announcement as well as additional details about the update in case residents are hoping to learn more. In this particular case, there are varying font styles and sizes used in order to draw capture and draw attention to the most important parts of the announcement. For example, in this case, the two largest pieces of the text are the phrases, "Carpark Maintenance" and "11 FEB - 10am to 2pm".

On the left hand side of this template features an image of the carpark as that is the part of the property that this notice template applies to.

Modify all the information and replace the image of this template with details that apply to your building and notice!

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