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Real Estate

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Promotion no $

Real Estate Development Template

This vertical template shows a picture from the point of view of someone looking out an apartment window into another window from an opposite building. A few green leaves of a house plant obscure the view, and they contrast well against the white and green background of the other building.

At the top of the template, there is a dark green block with text showing “Residential Strata Community Blog,” which you can edit to fit the purpose of your template. At the bottom of the template, there is another block with text where you can list your website or other information you want to include to show recipients.

This template would be great for real estate development. The aesthetics of building in the background and the point of view looking out the window gives a cosy but cool, clean look, which are great for advertising apartments or office buildings, or showing customers that your company’s focus is on real estate.

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