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Strata Annual Report

Strata Annual Report Digital Signage Templates

This template is perfect for strata management companies which wish to advertise the digital annual strata report and encourage their intended audience to download that report.

The colouring in the template features a simple white background, allowing the text to do its intended job. As the font is simple and dark, it stands out nicely on the white background. This allows the message to be conveyed in a simple, efficient way.

The contact details for the your business can be placed below the explanatory paragraph, ensuring the viewer knows who to get in touch with for a copy of the annual strata report. The image of a strata complex is simple and fits very nicely with the overall intended message.

This template is easily editable, meaning you can change the text and explanation, making sure your message is clear and suits your business, and ensuring your contact details are easily seen.

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