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Woman’s Casual Clothing Template

This Woman’s Casual Clothing Template is perfect for your apparel company if you’re trying to gain greater brand recognition and generate sales!

The vast majority of this template features the background image, which in this case is a clothing rack with a range of women’s clothes, such as a white singlet at the beginning of the rack.

On the right hand side of the template features a white, abstract graphic, which on the top, includes marketing text, which writes, “win your dream wardrobe worth $1000”, in capitalised writing and varying font sizes and colours.

On the left hand side of the template features a blue-grey circular graphic which writes a call to action, which in this case is “Enter now in-store or online”.

Now a days, with the rise of social media and influencer marketing, competitions and giveaways are even more popular than before. So get designing and distribute this template online and offline to get your brand and business out there!

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