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Outdoor Furniture Promotional

Outdoor Furniture Promotional Digital Signage Templates

This Outdoor Furniture Promotional Template is exactly what your furniture business needs to promote and showcase a current or upcoming promotion for your outdoor furniture.

The vast majority of this template features the background image of this template, which in this case is a group of five girls sitting around a table outside toasting while smiling.

On the top left of the template features some emboldened, white and capitalised text in varying fonts. In this case, it writes, "Outdoor picks for the perfect summer barbecue". The word "perfect" is also highlighted with an underline underneath.

Make this template unique to your furniture business by editing the marketing copy, the text and replacing the background image. Once you're done, send this template around your community. You can send it around either online, via mediums like social media or online directories, or offline by printing it out and handing it out or sticking it around neighbourhoods!

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