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Outdoor Home Decor Discount Template

The Outdoor Home Decor Discount Template is perfect for businesses advertising homeware items at a reduced price. The default image features a wooden table and chairs placed on the front porch of a rustic-looking home, painting the perfect picture of a relaxing property. The template also includes a large notice at the top-left of the page reading ‘save 25% on full priced decor.’

The notice could be customized in any way you see fit. Tailor the discount to any amount you like, and even rearrange the placement of the notice to somewhere more appropriate. The most important thing to change would the main image, considering you would want it to display the items that you are offering a discount for. Perhaps you could show a zoomed-out image in the same vein as this one. Or perhaps you’d prefer one that is close-up. This template is perfect for shop windows and website banners; it could even be sent out to a mailing list.

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