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Beauty Product Discount

Beauty Product Discount Digital Signage Templates

This Beauty Product Discount Template is perfect for your business if you're wanting to highlight an upcoming or current promotion that you're running. On the right hand side of this template is a photo of some beauty products. It includes, bath salts, a perfume bottle, a candle. Of course, this image can be replaced with any photo you like and you think best represents your company and promotion. On the left hand side of this template is marketing text describing the promotion details. For example, the discount, which in this case is "50% off Bath & Body". On the left and right of this template features a broken, black border, giving this template more character. Edit and modify this template however you think works best for your business and your promotion. And, once done, print it out and share it offline. Or, distribute and post it online to reach larger audiences in a shorter amount of time.

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