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Beauty Salon Promotional Sample

Beauty Salon Promotional Sample Digital Signage Templates

This beauty salon promotional sample template is in a vertical position and pictures 2 photos of beauty products. The text on top says: Choose your free full-sized beauty sample and then underneath the text: when you spend $200 storewide. This template can be used as a DL flyer, poster or social media ad / post, to attract new and existing customers to the store to buy their beauty products and if they spend enough money they get a free full-sized sample product. This way of giving something extra when you spend a certain amount of money is a great way of increasing the average spend per customer and at the same time introducing new products to existing customers that they will hopefully like and buy again. Adding extra value is an effective tool to improve customer loyalty and give people the feeling they are special. Call to action of this template should be the online store of the beauty salon.

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