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Activewear Discount Sale

Activewear Discount Sale Digital Signage Templates

This beautiful Activewear Discount Sale Template is what your business needs in order to start generating more sales for your activewear company or line. On the right of the template features a black and white photo of a woman mid-action shot outside, doing a yoga pose in activewear. On the left hand side of the template features marketing copy that writes, "Spring Sale 25% off all activewear and accessories". This marketing text is written on top of a soft, medium green, which creates a lovely contrast with the black and white image beside it. Replace all the information here with details, designs and colours that fit into your creative direction and resonate with your brand. Once you have completed writing and designing the template, send it around online and hand it out to your community and network offline, so that you can start generating sales and business for your activewear products ASAP!

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