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Health Food Store Discount

Health Food Store Discount Digital Signage Templates

This Health Food Store Discount Template is exactly what your health food store needs in order to showcase a n existing or upcoming promotion that you're running. In the background of this template is an up close and personal photo of some product packaging. This, of course, can be replaced with any image you want, whether that is a product photo or a photo of your team. Overlaid on the background image is a white text box that writes "Today 25% off all healthfoods only" in varying fonts and a grey colour. This, just like the background image, can be edited and replaced to fit your business and your vision. So get writing and get designing. And, once you're done, send this template around offline, or, post it online across social media and local directories to immediately reach a larger audience faster so that you can start generating more revenue ASAP!

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