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Combat Class Promotion Template

Illustration of boxing gloves Combat
Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
Promote your combat class with this perfect template designed to motivate people to get fit, lean and strong. The template features an image of a lean man throwing a punch with his right fist being the centre of the template. The top right-hand of the template has a grey text box with the words '$50 First Week Limited Offer' written in white. Below that is a text box with a black background listing classes like Boxing, Taekwondo, Kung Fu and Wrestling. The top right-hand has the words 'Combat Class' in a bold font and the colour white which makes it stand out against the black background. Make this template unique to your business by changing the colours, the font and even the image. You can change the text to provide information about your business. Once you finish customizing this template you can use it anywhere you like, online and offline!
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