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Gym Personal Trainer Promotional Template

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Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
This Gym Personal Trainer Promotional Template is perfect for you if you're trying to showcase and advertise your personal training services to prospective, new clients. This template can be broken down and divided into two main sections. On the bottom of the template features a dark green background colour with information about the services written over the top. In this case it writes, "$120 per hour", and "Coach Programming & Personal Training". On the top of this template is a collage of black and white photos of gym gear and weights. The photos also differ in sizes, giving the whole template a more edgy and striking look. Modify this template to make it suit your business, your creative vision and your service offering. Once done, send it around online and offline within the community so you can push your business and offerings out into the market and generate new business today!
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