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Personal Trainer Weights Template

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Illustration of an arm exercising Fitness
This Personal Trainer Weights Template is exactly what your personal training business needs in order to start attracting new personal training clients. On the right hand side of the template is a teal coloured rectangle that is positioned vertically. On it writes some marketing copy. In this case, it writes, "120 per hour" and underneath this enlarged text writes, "Coach Programming & Personal Training". The text here, of course, can be rewritten and colours changed to your liking. On the left hand side of this template are three black and white photos of athletic people doing weight training. These images can all be replaced with images of your existing clients now so that potential clients can get an immediate sneak peek of the experience of training with you. Once you have modified the marketing text and design elements as well as replaced the photos, get sending so you can start generating business today!
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