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Cafe digital signage – the ultimate guide

We get it…digital signage sounds expensive (and a bit scary) when you’re a café owner running a small business. You’re sure you can’t afford it, and you’re not a tech whizz, so it just wouldn’t work. You’ll just stick with the chalkboards, posters, and printed menus, thanks anyway.

But guess what? Cafés and digital signage are a better match than bacon and eggs. Big call, right? But we’re serious. Digital signs can increase foot traffic, boost sales, improve customer experience, and actually save you money. Read on to find out how easy it is to get started creating beautiful digital signs and get ideas on how you can make the most of digital signage in your café.

What is digital signage?

Digital signs are basically LCD screens that are installed in locations where people want to communicate something. They are becoming increasingly popular in retail settings like cafés because they are an easy, affordable, and effective way to attract customers, share menu items, and boost sales.

Why are cafés using digital signage?

Digital signs perform exceptionally well in a café setting. Hundreds of Australian cafés are installing digital signs every week because they:

Drive foot traffic with cafe digital signage

Digital signs give a great first impression and capture people’s attention. Imagine how hard it is for hungry passers-by to walk past your mouth-watering menu items when they are temptingly displayed with rich video content on crystal clear screens. Digital signs lead to an average 17% increase in foot traffic by driving people in-store with eye-catching graphics, animation, and video clips. If you’re in a popular location like a shopping centre or a busy shopping strip, a digital sign behind the window or on the wall is the perfect invitation to come inside. 

Grow daily sales with cafe digital signage

Studies show digital signage leads to a 47% increase in average sales. No wonder so many cafés are getting on board the digital signage train. They are so much better at displaying what you have to offer, and there are loads of different techniques that cafés use to get the most out of their digital signs. Cafés offer specials (Kombucha Tuesdays, half price deal), promotions (5th coffee is free), combos (coffee and BLT for just $8), or promote new menu items (come and try our new nitro brew) to increase sales. 

Increase profit margins with cafe digital signage

You can also increase your average transaction value by promoting upsells and cross-sells. Rotating displays can showcase higher-profit items at peak times. 70% of customers purchase products because a sign caught their eye, so digital signage near the till is perfect for influencing customer behaviour and driving those upsells.

Save time and money with cafe digital signage

You’ll never have to spend time manually erasing sold out items and updating prices again. There’s no need to design, print, ship, and install new menus. You can create beautiful signage in minutes and display it on your screens in just a few clicks. 

Give customers a better experience

Digital signs lead to a 33% increase in repeat buyers and a 21% increase in customer satisfaction. In part, it’s because digital signs are easier to read. They also keep lines moving because customers have already made their choice by the time they get served. They’re up to date which avoids customer disappointment when their choice isn’t available. Interestingly, digital signs also reduce perceived wait times by up to 35%, because it gives people something to do while they’re waiting.

Offer insights

By seeing what content played at what times and matching it up with sales data, cafés can see what’s working and what isn’t.

cafe digital signage

Is digital signage easy for café owners to use?

t’s way easier to use than your coffee machine.

Mandoe’s simple drag and drop digital signage builder allows literally anyone to create and launch beautiful, impactful digital signage.

You don’t need any experience in graphic design to be capable of producing amazing results. We’ll teach you how to create, manage and display your own animated content for your café in four easy steps:

  1. Start with a beautiful template
  2. Make it your own by adding your own text and images or choosing from our library of thousands of stock images, icons, graphics, and more
  3. Deploy to your screens in seconds with just a few clicks
  4. Set dates and times for your signage to display

4 awesome ideas for cafe digital signage content

  1. Tell stories: people love knowing more about their favourite café, so let them peek behind the scenes. Show videos of where you source their coffee beans, interview the chef, share a recipe or two. Engaging with your customers will build deep relationships and they’ll be back time and time again.
  1. Improve the waiting experience: have news, weather, trivia, jokes, or local facts on your screens between showing menu items to help the time pass. Here’s some inspo to get you started (ok maybe you’ve heard it before, but we think it’s a goodie!):  How do you feel when you can’t get to your favourite café? Depresso
  1. Automatically switch your menu across the day: you can have a menu board that details your breakfast menu, automatically changing over to the lunch menu at the time you choose. You can have specials that come and go, upsell the bakery items around mid-afternoon and offer lunchtime drink and food combos. The best part is – it’s all pre-set so you and your staff can focus on serving your customers.
  1. Get social: Show off your restaurant’s reviews or latest social media mentions with a feed for everyone to see. Customers love seeing their foodie snaps appear on screen and you can encourage them to spread the word via their social networks with rewards and prizes.

Mandoe in action 

We love helping businesses grow with our digital signage solutions. With 5,000 happy customers, 20,000 screens under management, and 1 million digital signs made through our system, we know our stuff. We were rapt when BP asked us to install signage in their Wild Bean Cafés: 

Wild Bean Café – a digital signage success story

There are over 150 Wild Bean Cafés in Australian BP service stations. They focus on serving high-quality barista coffee and a great selection of hot food, pastries, and sandwiches. They pride themselves on delivering the best café experience on the road, guaranteeing the quality of their barista-made coffee. Using Mandoe’s digital signage solution, they’re creating bright and vibrant menu boards to inform customers of the latest deals and offers available.

How much does cafe digital signage cost?

Digital signage is much more affordable than you think. The return on investment is strong, and café owners find it pays for itself with just a few extra orders a week. 

Prices, functionality, and customer service can vary so it’s really important to make sure you choose the right package.

At Mandoe Media, we’ve got instant digital signage solutions that include a premium screen and media player, installation, full access to thousands of templates and designs, a dedicated project manager, training, 24/7 support, warranty and you’ll own the hardware at the end of the term.If you’d like a quote for digital signage at your café, get in touch with our team today.

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