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Gym Digital Signage Ultimate Guide

Gym and fitness digital signage | A winning guide

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Lachlan Ross | December 10, 2021

Gym and fitness digital signage | A winning guide

Successful gyms create a sense of community and go all-out to deliver personalised member experiences. Fitness centres worldwide are using digital signage to transform their businesses. By offering a tailored digital experience for their captive audience, they’re growing their customer numbers, smashing revenue goals and saving marketing costs.

Studies have shown that around 70% of gym customers view around 40 minutes of screen time each time they visit (for the most dedicated, that’s every day). 96% of people who watch screens at gyms say it helps them to pass the time.

Read on to learn how easy it is for total beginners to implement digital fitness signage that helps builds an engaged, motivated community of members determined to reach their fitness goals.

What is digital signage?

What are the benefits of fitness digital signage in gyms?

Are digital signs easy for gyms to use?

With the help of a great digital signage partner, it’s super easy to implement and manage digital signage in your gym.

With Mandoe’s simple drag and drop digital signage builder, you don’t need previous experience or in-house graphic design skills. We can show literally anyone how to create and launch beautiful, impactful fitness digital signage.

With our help, you’ll learn how to design, manage and display fantastic looking content for your fitness centre in four easy steps:

5 ways to use digital signs in your gym

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6X Training – a gym and fitness center digital signage success story

“I really love our digital signage and working with Mandoe. Our signs have helped decrease costs and we’ve seen a noticeable increase in sales. I thought digital signage would be a novelty but it’s helped transform the professionalism of 6X training. What separates Mandoe from its competitors is their full-service offering - no one else could provide that.”

Brad, Owner - 6X Training

How much does a fitness digital signage system cost?

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