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Customer Story:
Ribs & Burgers

Lachlan Ross

March 31, 2022

How Mandoe helped

Annual costs decreased by 30%
Overall sales increased by 9%
Initial investment regained in the first 2 years

Who, what & where

Ribs and Burgers is a boutique multi-chain restaurant with over 20 locations throughout Australia and South Africa. They’ve been in operation since 2011 and their core offering is providing healthy delicious ribs and burgers made from quality beef and produce – but without the hefty price tag.
Ribs & Burgers

The Requirement

Ribs and Burgers were looking for a Digital Signage solution as they wanted to modernise their stores and move away from printed menus. Using printed menus across all locations was a significant cost to the business and the senior management team thought that money could be better invested. Adam Issa, Group Marketing Manager – Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group explained. “Using enviro-paper across all our sites was an expensive and wasteful expense, we thought we could be investing that money into other such things as sourcing higher quality ingredients from local suppliers and shop fit-outs.” Another problem caused by using printed menus was the turnaround times from suppliers which took anywhere from 3-4 weeks. “Our pricing would change due to fluctuating meat prices from our suppliers and we wanted to pass on those savings to our customers straight away and not have to wait for new menus to be printed.”
There was also the issue with the manual process of day-parting their menus between lunch and dinner offerings. “Staff would be tasked with the tedious process of swapping menus out each day. When you factor in all our stores, that’s a lot of man-hours each week being wasted on not providing our customers with 100% attention to them.”

The Solution

Using Mandoe, the Ribs and Burgers team was able to quickly roll out a digital menu board solution. Each store had four 43’ screens behind the counter showing digital menu boards installed, as well as a high-brightness display in a street-facing window to attract passing foot traffic. To create signage and manage what’s displayed on the screen, Ribs & Burgers used Mandoe’s digital signage software to enable them to easily create and display beautiful digital signs without needing a designer for everything. With this new system in place, Ribs & Burgers can now easily update their menus from head office. “When we have a new special or the prices of our items change, we can easily create a new menu board using Mandoe’s drag-and-drop digital signage builder. We have a few templates set up now so all we need to do is pick a template, change the pricing and images and instantly deploy the new sign to all screens in our network. There are no more printing signs, sending them to restaurants, etc.”
Ribs & Burgers

The Benefit

Mandoe’s digital signage software helped decrease Ribs and Burgers’ annual costs by 30%. By removing the need to use traditionally printed menus boards and the costs associated with them being continually updated, they were able to recoup their initial investment within the first two years.
Ribs & Burgers quote 2
“Within 24 months the screens had paid for themselves.” Sales also increased by over 9% due to dayparting their menus and having the ability to run different promotions for their lunch and dinner offerings. “Scheduling our menus to display different items at different locations throughout the day from a central location was a game-changer. We could now run real-time site promotions and we no longer had to depend on staff physically changing the menus or having the correct printed signs at our sites.”
Ribs & Burgers

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