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Customer Story:
Rum City Barbershop

Lachlan Ross

June 21, 2022

How Mandoe helped

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Who, what & where

Rum City Barbershop is a trendy old-school Harley Davidson-inspired barber located in Bundaberg, QLD. The business is run by husband and wife duo Brad and Kelly Bakker with Kelly having over 30 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry. Their team of highly skilled barbers offers everything from cut-throat shaves, and kids cuts, to buzz cuts, right through to senior men’s and executive styles.
Rum City Barbershop

The Requirement

Kelly and Brad were in the process of launching their new salon ‘Rum City Barbershop’ and decided they wanted a digital sign to help market the business and raise its profile. Owner, Kelly explained, “We’re located on an extremely busy street with lots of passing foot traffic – I wanted a way to draw their eyes to our salon.” Kelly had also seen other local businesses use digital signage and knew it could help get bums on their cutting seats. “I was at a local clothing store who were using digital signage, their sign got my attention straight away. I was confident a digital sign in our window could have the same effect on other people.” Kelly had previously owned and operated six salons and had grown tired of the problems associated with using a standard display running homemade signs via a USB.
Rum City Barbershop quote 1
“I really didn’t want to start this new business and bring the existing problems that I had faced previously. I didn’t want to have to worry about turning the TV on or have the stress associated with losing or damaging the USB stick with the files I had saved on there.” Finally, Kelly wanted a digital signage solution that could rotate multiple signs on one display. “It needed to showcase our amazing stylists, the different types of cuts we offered, and products we stocked.”
Rum City Barbershop

The Solution

After engaging with Mandoe, our team helped Kelly land on a digital signage solution that met her requirements. “The whole process so was simple, once I decided I wanted a digital sign, I spoke to the Mandoe team, and before I knew it was up and running in the store.” “I wanted something that was easy to use and good quality – Mandoe ticked all the boxes.” Rum City Barbershop was fitted out with a 40” window-facing display and Kelly was now able to create and manage her digital sign via our market-leading digital signage software.
Rum City Barbershop quote 2
“Like all small business owners, I’m extremely time-poor. I needed someone to take the lead and install a solution and get it running – Mandoe did not let me down.” “Updating our sign is really easy. Our barbers send through ideas for what they want to be displayed for the upcoming week and I can jump on the computer and schedule all the different signs I want running for the week – I never have to worry about using (or losing) a USB stick again!!”

The Benefit

Being situated on a busy street bustling with pubs and restaurants, Rum City Barbershop has seen a dramatic increase in foot traffic and bookings since their digital sign went live. “It certainly helped increase bookings as our digital sign acts as 24/7 advertisement – many customers comment that they went to the pub a few nights prior, saw our sign running after hours and then came in for a hair cut.” “Our security cameras pick up the passing foot traffic at night of people stopping and watching our sign when the salon is closed. So many people stop, stare and point at the screen that we have to clean the window of fingerprints where it’s located – that’s how attention-grabbing it is!!” And as a result, sales have increased.
Rum City Barbershop quote 3
Finally, the digital sign has helped the management of COVID safe practices within the salon. “Our digital sign is a great way to easily communicate with customers what current rules are in place, whether that is to wash your hands, wear a mask, or to check-in before entering.”

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