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Customer Story:
Corowa RSL Club

Lachlan Ross

May 23, 2022

How Mandoe helped

Who, what & where

Located in Corowa NSW, along the beautiful Murray River the Corowa RSL Club has been a staple in the community for decades. The club features a restaurant, kids room, cafe, TAB, cocktail lounge, pokies, and multiple function rooms to host special events and live entertainment.

The Requirement

Club CEO Peter and Marketing Officer Lauren wanted to modernise the venue and how they communicated with their customers about all the services the club offered. Lauren explained, "Having consistent signage that aligned with our brand was very important – we didn’t think we were achieving this with printed signs." And when it came to updating and replacing their printed signs, it was a costly and time-consuming exercise. It felt like we were just throwing money down the drain every time we ordered new signs – we knew there was a better alternative in digital signage. "It takes a lot of man-hours to create designs for printed signs – not to mention also needing to allocate time going around the venue and replacing them." Their handwritten chalk menu boards also weren’t very appealing to their customers. "I always dreaded the days where I needed to have my best handwriting on point to update our menu boards." Finally, Lauren was also conscious of how bad using paper-based signs was for the environment. "The amount of paper we were wasting definitely played on my mind." Peter and Lauren had a clear idea of what type of digital signage solution they were after. "We wanted a solution that was easy to use, reliable, and came with pre-made templates that could be easily edited and updated. We don’t claim to be the most tech-savvy people so it was essential that the solution could be easily managed."
Corowa RSL Club quote 1
Corowa RSL Club

The Solution

After consulting with Mandoe, Corowa RSL Club was fitted out with a digital signage solution that covered all the key areas of the club. "We now have a network of digital signs in our venue that can be controlled and updated by any of our staff. What makes Mandoe stand out is the software. We have access to thousands of high-quality templates and images – I can also schedule our signs to display different things at different times of the day or week." The fit-out included x6 46” wall-mounted displays and x2 46” mobile displays that could be moved around based on the needs of the venue. This gave Peter and Lauren the ability to have their digital signs display custom content based on their location within the club. "We use our digital signs for a variety of reasons such as:
  • Digital menu boards which we can day part for lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner.
  • Promoting upcoming events such as a UFC or boxing pay per view.
  • Running specials from our kitchen.
  • Membership details, venue dress code, COVID safe policies, and club news."
"The flexibility we now have in the venue is amazing – we love it." And Lauren was able to say goodbye to the handwritten chalkboard menu in the cafe.
Corowa RSL Club quote 2

The Benefit

Being able to access Mandoe’s library of free high-quality images saved Ashburton Meats thousands of dollars. By switching to digital signage the Corowa RSL Club has been able to decrease its annual costs by over 10%. "Our signs have already paid for themselves via the costs associated with not continually paying for printing signs." Their digital signage has also helped increase sales. "Sales across the business whether that be from food, beverages or function room bookings have increased by over 15% – the signs really get people’s attention." Branding across the entire venue is now consistent and has improved the customer experience whilst inside the club. "It’s really modernised our venue, it just makes the place look clean and all our advertising has consistent branding." "Especially since we now have to obey COVID safe guidelines our signage clearly communicates what rules must be followed before entering the venue." And countless man-hours each week have been saved. "Staff no longer need to brief designers, liaise with print suppliers or rotate signs. They can just focus on their job which is giving our customers the best experience possible."
Corowa RSL Club quote 3
Corowa RSL Club

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