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Customer Story:
Prestige Meats

Lachlan Ross

May 17, 2022

How Mandoe helped

Increased Foot Traffic
Overall sales increased by 15%
Over 10 hours saved each week

Who, what & where

Prestige Meats – Fairfield is a leading local Queensland butchery stocking the finest local produce and premium dry-aged meats. They pride themselves on providing quality products and services to their customers.
Prestige Meats uses Mandoe Media digital signage

The Requirement

Prestige Meats – Fairfield had just opened their brand new store in Fairfield Gardens shopping complex in January 2021. As the store was located next to a major supermarket chain they wanted to capture the attention of the high volume of passing foot traffic by showcasing their premium offerings of dried aged meats (one of the only local providers offering this) and daily specials.
Prestige Meats quote 1

The Solution

Once Prestige Meats engaged with Mandoe, we consulted with the owner to:
  • strategically place a Mandoe Instant Digital Signage display facing the checkouts of the major supermarket chain so passing foot traffic could see promotions of current specials with custom Digital Signage templates created with Mandoe’s Content Management System (CMS)
  • display key messages about their premium dry-aged meats selections
  • position the screen directly above their dry-aged meat display to draw attention to their premium offerings

The Benefits

After proceeding with the recommendations Mandoe’s Digital Signage solution helped:
  • increase weekly sales by more than 15%
  • bring more foot traffic to the store
  • staff did not answer repeated questions throughout the day about their dry-aged meats as a series of key messages played on the screen
  • promote daily and weekly specials
  • save over 10 hours each week writing out handwritten signage that looked unprofessional
Prestige Meats quote 2
Prestige Meats uses Mandoe Media digital signage

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