Mandoe Digital Signage Media Player

The Mandoe media player ensures that all your great content is being sent to your displays. The media player is used in thousands of businesses across the world from large high street names to independent retailers. It has been designed and built to the highest standards so you have the confidence that your content is appearing on your screens all day, every day.

Mandoe Media Player

Works with Single or Multiple Displays

The Mandoe Digital Signage Media Player can be used to put one design onto once screen or can be organised to create larger video walls.

Easy to Set Up

Connect your media player to your display, activate it online and you are ready to go. It takes less than five minutes to have your media player up and running in your store

Buy Media Plater Online

Have your digital media player displaying content on your screens in 4 easy steps :

1. Unbox and Plug in your media player

2. Use online wizard to connect your content to your display

3. Create a design

4. Put your content live on your screen

Small and Beautiful

When we designed the media player we wanted it to be as small as possible so it doesn't take up retail space in stores. Electronic devices reduce the space available in store for storage & inventory.

The Mandoe digital signage media player is designed to fit into your hand and can be easily stored out of view and not detract from the look and feel of your store.

No Questions Asked Returns

Nothing more to say. We see very low returns and are confident that our media player delivers you great value. But we dislike companies that don't do right by their customers. Simply return your media player and we will refund your investment.