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How Your Medical Practice Can Benefit from Digital  Signage

Lachlan Ross

July 5, 2021

A visit to the doctor can be one filled with stress and anxiety. Providing a relaxed environment is the best way to put people’s minds at ease and improve their experience. How can you do that in your medical practice? Consider going digital with your in-office signage. Digital displays can help in a number of ways to offer your patients a stress free, calming experience. You can display trusted reviews, and offer general health and wellness tips to help people stay safe and healthy. You can also provide information about your medical specialties, procedures and routines. And most importantly, digital signs can keep people engaged and give a perceived sense of shorter wait times. Let’s take a look at how your medical practice can benefit from going digital with your signage.

Doctor testimonials and patient experiences

Testimonials and patient stories are extremely powerful marketing tools. And they’re not just for your favourite restaurant or new gizmo taking the world by storm. Displaying positive patient reviews on your practice’s digital screens is essential for reassuring incoming patients that they’ve chosen the right medical practice.Make your messaging interesting by showing off your five star social media reviews and glowing testimonials with customised branded content. It is a sure fire way of helping customers associate your name with high quality healthcare and friendly service. That is brand building for you.

Digital signage can reduce perceived waiting times

We’ve all been there. The wait to see a GP can often feel like an eternity, and on a bad day – even longer. Digital displays help put an end to the boredom of the waiting room. By showing entertaining or educational content, you can reduce perceived waiting times for your patients. And it doesn’t just have to be upbeat programming on your displays. Informative and educational content play a positive role in reducing wait times. By sharing wellness tips, treatment procedures and medical advice, you can help your patients understand their bodies a little better and keep them healthier.
4 ways digital signage can benefit your medical practice

Encourage health and hygiene tips

The COVID pandemic showed us how important basic hygiene practices are in preventing spread of disease. For medical and healthcare practices, it continues to be a non-negotiable because everyone is either sick or accompanying a patient. The incidence of contacting a disease is relatively high in such situations. Displaying basic information helps everyone  and many medical practices are installing digital signs for improving health and safety messaging to both patients and staff as a key tool in the fight against spread of disease. Ultimately, digital signage is proven to engage audiences in a way that traditional signage can’t. So whatever the message you wish to deliver, you will be more effective if you go digital.
4 ways digital signage can benefit your medical practice

Medical practice signage promotes customer retention

People keep coming back to the same medical practice for many reasons. Some people have a favourite GP; or the clinic might be close to home or the practice  may be part of their health insurance network and engage in bulk billing. But more than anything, when it comes to health, people want to feel comfortable and trust that they will get the care they need. By deploying informative and engaging digital displays, you can create a less stressful environment that patients will appreciate. And should they need to visit again, they will feel more relaxed about their next appointment. This sense of comfort, and the absence of dread, can be a definite contributor towards ensuring long term health benefits.

Make the switch and go digital

If you think it’s time to ditch the old pamphlets, magazines and free to air TV, Mandoe Media has the right digital signage solution for your medical practice. With a simple to use interface that makes switching up content a breeze, you’ll make your patients feel good about their visit from the beginning to the end. Reach out and book a demo today.
Lachlan Ross

Written by Lachlan Ross

Marketing Manager at Mandoe

I’m a SAAS-focused marketer with 10+ years of experience who likes to think I’ve got a way with words - thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog.

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