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Bar Digital Signage - 5 Ways to Increase Sales

Lachlan Ross

September 20, 2021

Digital signs are a great way to liven up the customer experience in your bar or pub. Whether it’s showing off the delicious new drink specials, letting your regulars know about the latest fantastic meals deals, or advertising a big upcoming events, digital displays  can bring in bigger crowds through the door and help bar sales skyrocket. Let us take a look at 5 ways digital displays can get more customer visits and make them buy more in each visit to your bar.

1. Display quality images of the drinks on offer

Most people order their go-to drinks when they’re out with their mates. It simplifies things and makes the night more enjoyable. By displaying your latest and the most exciting beverage  promotions on your digital displays, you can showcase drink deals, new products and limited time offers that entice the punters to dive a little deeper into their wallets each time it’s their round. For better effect, tie these deals with meal promotions and you’ve got a winning way of boosting sales quickly.

2. Digital menu boards mean more orders

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the most cutting edge menu on the block, or if you do your best work whipping up some good old fashioned pub food, displaying an updated digital menu is essential if you want customers to stick around a bit longer and enjoy themselves at your venue. Display your food and drinks on beautifully presented digital menus and give your customers something to really think about each time they order. Do they really want that same old schnitzel they always have? Would they opt for that mouth watering new dish they’ve never tried before? The best way to find out is to use targeted digital messaging to show off your best items around the bar for customers to check out while they wait. Bar digital signage – 5 ways to increase sales

3. Promote daily specials with bar digital signage

Specials have been a mainstay of restaurants and bars for as long as they’ve existed. From the soup of the day to market priced seafood and limited time offers on cocktails, people love knowing what they can get for a limited time, or for a great price. Instead of breaking out the old chalkboard, using digital displays in your bar allows you to easily remind customers of your daily deals while they decide to order. Whether the screens are placed on each individual table, or strategically placed alongside other screens playing sports, having your daily specials in the line of sight is an easy way of getting your customers to spend a little bigger. Bar digital signage – 5 ways to increase sales

4. Entertain and inform with interactive digital content 

Everybody loves a bit of entertainment while they wait for their food or drink. With digital signage, you can create and upload interactive content that will reduce perceived wait times, help drive customer engagement and build up your brand personality. From venue themed videos and programming, to interactive trivia and quizzes that connect via each patron’s device, digital sign boards can bring a whole new level of fun, excitement and engagement to the bar experience with mates. Bar digital signage – 5 ways to increase sales

5. Point of sale advertising for impulse purchases

For as long as there have been bars selling drinks, there have been snacks behind the counter to go right along with them. Having digital displays at the bar or near your checkout is a great way of showing snack deals. Present attractive offers for those looking to unwind with a couple of pints and some salty treats. And of course, this isn’t all you can up-sell. Digital bar displays offer the potential to entice viewers to your best drink, meal and daily specials so people don’t forget they’re available. With irresistible, timely placed offers, all of a sudden, those two pints can become a bucket of imported beers, some salt and vinegar chips and endless amounts of wings–it’s that easy.

Boost your bar sales – book a demo today!

When people head into a bar, they’re not there merely for food and drinks. They’re there to relax and have a good time with their mates. With digital sign boards in your venue, you can provide them with best value offers and create a fun, vibrant atmosphere full of dynamic, engaging and interactive content. Design your bar digital displays to have visitors staying longer, spending more, wanting to visit again and tell their mates who missed the fun all about your bar and its offerings. In view of that, don’t forget to share your social channels of your displays for easy sharing. Get in touch today, If you’d like to book a demo or learn more about how Mandoe’s wide range of digital display solutions and software can liven up your bar, and increase your sales and the bottom line.
Lachlan Ross

Written by Lachlan Ross

Marketing Manager at Mandoe

I’m a SAAS-focused marketer with 10+ years of experience who likes to think I’ve got a way with words - thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog.

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