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How Digital Signs Can Power Charge Your Marketing Campaigns

Lachlan Ross

July 29, 2021

Getting your marketing campaigns right can make or break your business. A healthy mix of TV, online, social media, radio, and print advertising will lead to greater brand awareness and an increase in foot traffic. But, to really boost your sales, you need to use one of the most solid in-store marketing tools available to you: digital sign solutions. Add digital sign solutions as the final piece in your marketing puzzle. They follow on from your other marketing channels and continue to tell your brand story by amplifying your marketing content and through that, brand effectiveness. Incorporate digital signs and displays into your marketing campaign to provide a versatile and dynamic platform that reaches out to and engages your target audience effectively. The easy to use features, including the ability to adapt and update content in real-time, target specific demographics, and measure campaigns for impact makes digital sign solutions a valuable tool in your ongoing marketing efforts. Used effectively, you will see the difference it makes to many key metrics of business success including customer numbers, daily visits, sales and profits.

How digital signs contribute to your marketing campaigns

Here are the many ways digital signs can make a difference in enhancing your marketing effectiveness:
  • By enhancing visual appeal
  • With dynamic content updating
  • Increase point of sale advertising for impulse purchases
  • Targeted messaging
  • Enhance your brand awareness
  • Reduce wait , educate and entertain
  • Showcase promotions
  • Interactive engagement
  • Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns
  • Social media integration
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • More cost effective marketing campaigns
  • Data driven marketing analytics with measurable impact
At the end of the day, your investments in digital technology should deliver you the returns you expect from it. Let us take a look at how each of these features contribute towards marketing success compared with traditional alternatives.

By enhancing visual appeal

Well designed digital displays, like the ones you can make with Mandoe's software, can use vibrant images, videos, and animations to capture the audience's attention. People are drawn to them and this will make a difference to your business performance.
  • A car dealership can use high-resolution screens for showcasing the latest vehicle models in action.
  • Retailers of all types from bookstores and convenience stores, to jewellery, arts & crafts and beauty shops can showcase their latest additions, high margin products or irresistible deals using digital signs.
  • Service providers too can highlight their line up of services in a visually appealing manner for informing and reminding regular customers and new visitors about the range of services on offer.

Dynamic content updating

Make real time digital display updates with Mandoe design studio. This feature is invaluable for marketing and messaging during promos, events, or other time-sensitive marketing activities and campaigns.
  • Your restaurant, pub or bar can update digital menu boards instantly to promote daily specials, happy hour deals, or seasonal items. Going digital does away with the need for reprinting physical menus.
  • All types of retailers can use “till stocks last” promos and remove those promos as stocks fly off the shelves. Digital displays will only show what is available or in stock as you can remove the out of stock items from the display queue.
  • Use dynamic updating at in-store events to get things moving. Drive additional foot traffic by using window displays to target passers. Think of it as a form of live Tweeting, but with your own digital displays in your premises to make things real and more immediate.
digital sign

Increase point of sale advertising through impulse purchases 

When consumers visit stores, 40% of people spend more than they plan to. That’s a lot of impulse buying. Well placed digital screens can help with a gentle nudge in the direction of more sales. Easily showcase relevant add-on products, last minute up-sells or ‘too good to refuse’ bargains. Although traditional signage has done this job before, deploying dynamic content help increase the number of messages delivered to consumers, giving them greater choice and opening up the opportunity for increased impulse sales.

Targeted messaging

Tailor your marketing messages to specific audiences, different locations and at different times. Use Mandoe’s advanced scheduling tool and retain full control over when and where your messages play. You have the flexibility to add multiple rule sets to every single piece of content, controlling it by time, day of week, date, month or physical location.
  • Multi-location retailers can use targeted messaging in different stores depending on their stock levels and bargain offer to drive last minute sales.
  • Vary messaging according to time of day, such as the happy hour, lunch time or at times when the stores are closed (and only window displays are on).
  • Think of a clothing store displaying different advertisements for summer attire in warmer climes and winter clothing in colder areas.
  • Book stores can switch their displays to children’s book promos during school holidays, weekends and after school hours. During school times, run promotions for the types of audience that shop in the store.
In times of emergencies or unexpected events, you can quickly display important information or instructions on your digital signs.
  • For example, a shopping mall can communicate evacuation procedures during a fire alarm or fire drill.
  • During COVID-19, many businesses used their digital displays to show health tips and mask wearing and other requirements as part of public health announcements.

Build brand awareness

How do you stand out in a competitive sea of brands out there? How do you make your business memorable? With most customers loyal to their favourite brands, it can be a tricky task winning over a knowledgeable, well-informed consumer base. You can use digital signage to show off your branding via captivating content that’ll boost recognition and drive deeper engagement. Include the brand storytelling in your marketing campaign to make it so much more memorable than a bunch of bland numbers and boring statistics. Use compelling messaging that keeps your business brand top of mind next time anyone in your target audience needs a service or heads out to shop, or eat.

Reduce wait times, educate or entertain

Studies have shown that engaging digital content can make perceived wait times feel shorter because people are engrossed rather than fidgeting in the queue, or waiting for a table at a hospitality venue.
  • Restaurants and takeaway outlets can make the waiting time more pleasant with new items in the menu or running a real-time stream of their well organised kitchen.
  • A hospital can display educational health content and stream popular TV shows, weather and news updates to ease patient anxiety.

Showcase your promotions

The most effective way to use digital signs is undoubtedly for in-store promotions. It allows you to showcase your best offers and deals, all while keeping your customers in the loop. As there’s always something going on in-store, be it sales, special offers, new products or special events, vibrant displays capture your customers' attention and give them more opportunities to not just get involved but also spread the word about your amazing deals. Cross-Promotions. It is possible to enter into cross promotion arrangements with other businesses nearby to promote other products, services, or businesses.
  • A movie theatre can display promotions and ads for a nearby restaurant, cafe or pub or vice versa.
  • Fitness studio or gym can promote sports goods stores nearby and sporting events, or vice versa.

Interactive Engagement

High definition digital display solutions with touchscreen capabilities such as those on Mandoe’s digital menu boards encourage active customer engagement.
  • Retailers may use interactive displays to allow customers to browse products, seek additional information, technical info such as product manuals and to check out product reviews. This enables making purchase decisions in-store; always a welcome action, as opposed to them going home to check them out on the internet.
  • Restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues can use dynamic visuals to showcase their menus, prices and promotions with more persuasive power than traditional printed menus.

Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns

Become data driven in designing and deploying both marketing campaigns as well as the minute to minute digital display ads with Mandoe’s digital display solutions. Check out the campaign display history and match it to your sales performance during that period. You will see which messages and promotions actually delivered results, by way of additional walk-ins and purchases. Don’t leave the judging of digital message effectiveness to your own judgement. Use the data that Mandoe software provides and you will be able to improve on your marketing messaging effectiveness.
  • An electronics retailer can monitor how many customers interacted with a specific product display.
  • Food retailers or bookstore retailers can measure how many items were sold during the time the digital promotions were ongoing.
Once you can measure the success of each campaign, use that know how to improve your future marketing messages and campaigns.

Easy to install, operate and maintain

Mandoe's digital display solutions, including hardware and software are easy to install and maintain. Operating the digital display system is easy too.
  • You don't need design expertise. Use Mandoe's professionally designed templates for your industry and needs, and tailor them as you wish. You also get access to millions of stock photos, videos and other resources to use on your digital display messages.
  • Ease of scheduling ads. Our digital sign software enables scheduling content to display at specific times of the day on one or more screens in one or more locations.
  • Remote display management: Your display content can be updated remotely, making it convenient to manage multiple locations from a central hub. A fast-food chain can push new promotions or advertisements to all its restaurants with a few clicks.
  • Retain consistency in branding. Use Mandoe's software to ensure consistent branding across all your business venues. This is an infinitely better, efficient and cost effective way to achieve branding conformity. You can ensure consistency at venues across the globe, regions, cities and all diverse locations from a centralised dashboard.

Social media integration

Your marketing story probably started somewhere online. Maybe it was an ad on Instagram, a share on Facebook, or a random positive review on Google. All that matters is – it got you in front of the right eyes. This type of connection is quite personal, because it’s your customers' that are recommending your brand, it’s them vouching for what you do. Not some spokesperson or paid actor. So why not make the most of this and build an even deeper connection by including social media feeds on your digital displays in store. It does wonderful things for your social proof, and best of all – it’s instant. By including customer reviews and other interactive content, you’ll find your brand is more engaged with its customers and they’ll be excited to engage and share your brand online, amplifying your marketing campaign outcomes. Sharing social media feeds and other external data streams has never been easier with Mandoe's social widgets and integrations.
  • Displaying social media feeds, reviews, or user-generated content on screens can help build trust and reinforce social proof.
  • A hotel, B&B, restaurant or bar can showcase positive guest reviews and social media posts that highlight customer satisfaction.
  • Bookstores can share publisher social feeds and highlight book reviews, life book readings, author interviews and other social promotional cover feeds.

More cost-effective marketing campaigns

Adopting new technology is great, but you want to know whether your investment in digital signage is going to deliver the expected returns. If thousands of businesses worldwide bear witness, the answer is yes, definitely worth it. To begin with, digital displays reduce costs associated with printing and distributing traditional marketing materials. A chain of coffee shops, for instance, can easily update digital menu boards at all locations simultaneously, eliminating the need for printing and shipping new menus. You can be sure the making and scheduling of digital messages are going to take way less staff time and effort compared to making, putting up and removing paper and plastic signs continually throughout the week. That translates to a saving in labour costs for your business. Once the installation of digital display solutions is completed, the costs for ongoing use of software is minimal and cannot be compared to the ongoing costs you had to incur with traditional promotional materials, signs, menus and brochures.

How Mandoe can help boost your marketing campaigns

While some people think that digital signs are only effective as an in-store tool. In reality, they are a vital element of an effective overall marketing strategy. It helps bridge the divide between online sales campaigns and your in-store presence, allowing you to grow your brand awareness, improve customer experience and increase your sales. Mandoes's digital signage solutions can take your marketing campaigns to the next level. With beautiful templates and a simple to use interface, you can easily create and display dynamic content to drive greater customer engagement. Are you ready to up your marketing game? Reach out and book a demo today.
Lachlan Ross

Written by Lachlan Ross

Marketing Manager at Mandoe

I’m a SAAS-focused marketer with 10+ years of experience who likes to think I’ve got a way with words - thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog.

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