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4 ways digital signage can help your pharmacy during COVID


June 29, 2021

During COVID19, there’s a lot of information pharmacists like you need to communicate to your customers (and potential customers). But if you’re still relying on old methods like paper posters, then it's likely that information isn't getting communicated very effectively. In this post, we’ll show you 4 ways you can use digital signage in your pharmacy and why digital signage is better than other methods like posters.

Pharmacy digital signage - 4 ways you can use digital signage

There are many ways indoor digital signage can be used in your pharmacy, but some of the most common include:

1. Communicate entry requirements

Between social distancing laws and the need to protect your staff, many pharmacies have implemented entry requirements such as limits to the number of people in store, requiring people to stay 1.5m apart, etc. Digital signage can be a great way to communicate those entry requirements to people at the front of your pharmacy and ensure they comply, which helps make your pharmacy a safe place for both customers and staff.

2. Remind customers of safety guidelines pharmacy digital signage

New protocols from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (alongside other retail associations) recommend the use of signage within Pharmacies to remind customers of safety guidelines, such as keeping 1.5m apart, sanitising hands on entry, etc. Digital signage is a great way to remind customers of these best practices. The combination of the bright screens and moving images attracts customers attention more than paper posters, and helps ensure everybody is following the recommended safety guidelines and keeping your pharmacy a safe best place to be for customers and staff.
pharmacy digital signage

3. Inform customers of alternative services being offered (telehealth, delivery, etc)

In response to COVID19, many pharmacies across Australia have started offering alternative services such as delivery of medications, telehealth consults and even the ability to order and manage your prescriptions via smartphone apps. If you’re offering these services, then digital signage can be a great way to make customers aware of these new services and increase adoption. Digital signage software like Mandoe Media makes it super easy to create beautiful, impactful signage that promotes your new delivery, curbside pickup or telehealth services, and not only makes your pharmacy safer, but can actually help it grow during these tough economic times.

4. Let people know when you have stock of certain products

Between panic buying and certain public figures claiming certain drugs can prevent COVID19, there’s been a lot of irregular purchasing activity and many pharmacies have experienced shortages of stock of essential items. As stock becomes more available again, digital signage can be a great way to let customers (and potential customers walking past) that you have stock of these hard to come by products. Not only is this a useful service to your existing customer base, but can be a great way to introduce your pharmacy to new customers and help ensures your pharmacy thrives through these difficult times.

Why digital signage is best

Digital signage is a better alternative to posters for a number of reasons, including:
  • More impactful - Between the brightness of the screens and the animation and movement possible with digital signage, it’s far more likely your customers will see your digital sign and take onboard the messages being delivered.
  • Easier to manage - If you’re using signage for any of the reasons mentioned above (i.e. communicate entry requirements, inform customers of alternative services, promote restocked products), then it’s likely the message you’re communicating will change regularly. Perhaps your entry requirements change, or you need to promote different restocked products. Digital signage can be changed with just a few clicks on your computer, whereas paper posts need to be reprinted, rehung, etc which takes time and money,
  • Inexpensive - Contrary to what you might think, digital signage isn’t expensive. Companies like Mandoe Media can deliver and install then screens, train you on how to use them, and provide ongoing support for less than $25 per week. If you’re using the digital signs to promote alternative services or restocked products, then the increased sales & revenue can easily pay off the screens.

Wrap up

There are many ways that Digital Signage can help your pharmacy during COVID19. Whether it be by better communicating your entry requirements or promoting the alternative services you’re offering, it’s a great way to get key messages across to your customers (and potential new customers). And given that it’s inexpensive and quick and easy to get setup, it can offer a whole lot of benefit for your pharmacy without a lot of cost. Reach out and book a demo today.

Written by Paul

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