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6 ways digital signage can boost sales in your restaurant

Lachlan Ross

June 29, 2021

It’s hard to walk into a restaurant or hospitality venue these days and not see the eye-catching content displayed on digital signs. And there’s a pretty good reason for that. They’re easy to use, they engage customers - and most importantly - they get people buying in a way that old-school signage just can’t. To say they’ve transformed the way restaurants do business would be an understatement. From simple menu boards, to interactive kiosks and easily accessed news and entertainment, this modern marketing tool is playing a big role in helping brands connect with customers. Let’s have a look at six ways restaurant digital signage can boost sales

Restaurant digital signage can help attract more customers to your restaurant

Before anybody can get stuck into your amazing menu, they need to actually be in your restaurant. Digital signage gives you an amazing opportunity to reach potential customers before they even set one single foot in the store. Greater visibility at all times of the day and the ability to target messages for time of year, promotions and seasonal trends give these signs a massive edge over traditional, static signage. And with interactive, up-to-date digital displays, you can catch the eye of any passers-by quickly, drawing them into your restaurant where they can finally see what your venue is all about.

Restaurant digital signage improves the customer experience 

When somebody visits your restaurant - they’re hungry. The last thing they need is to be waiting around and feeling like they should’ve gone somewhere else. Digital signage in restaurants is a simple way to enhance the dining experience and influence purchases. How? Interactive kiosks keep the customer in control of their order, dynamic and engaging content entertains while reducing perceived wait times, and free Wi-Fi ensures your customers will be walking out the door with a smile on their face (and most likely coming back in with one too).
restaurant digital signage

Digital signage keeps your menu up-to-date

Forget about printing a new menu every time something is sold out. It’s a thing of the past (thankfully). With the right digital signage software, you can easily switch up your menu and keep your valued customers in the loop - all in just a few clicks. Happy hour special? No worries. Time for the lunch menu? Done. With automated menu updates, you’ll have customers knowing exactly what they went by the time they’re ready to order. You’ll have shorter queue times, more orders coming in, and of course - satisfied, returning customers.

Up-sell and cross-sell

We’ve all been there. We want the exact meal we’re after and nothing more... Except, maybe for that amazing looking dessert. Or that extra side dish for a super low price. Making sure you’ve got the right upsell or cross-sell in front of your customer’s eyes is a tried and true way of increasing your daily sales and profits. With Instant Digital Signage in your restaurant, you can easily add new items, specials and discounts - giving customers a little more to think about by the time they’re ready to pay.

Connect with customers via social media

People are increasingly finding out about new places to eat via social media. They want to see what the food looks like, what the reviews are and if their favourite celebrity endorses it. You’ve all seen it, right? People spend more time taking shots of their food instead of eating it. Why not display those photos on your signage, get it shared on Instagram in exchange for a freebie, or showcase your stellar Zomato ratings for everybody to see? With this direct connection, customers will feel a part of the team, and will do their best to support your amazing restaurant.

Show off your brand personality

Some brands are just known. We know the colours, the jingles - and probably the entire menu. Why is that? Probably thanks to a consistent brand image and widespread awareness (in fact, it’s definitely that). With digital signage in all the right places, you can show off your logo, themes, and values for all to see. By creating, managing and displaying your own rich branded content across all your venues, your customers will know who you are and exactly what to expect every time they pay you a visit.

Jump on board - book a demo today!

Digital signage is the easiest way to connect with your customers and give them the best experience they can get. With customised, dynamic content only a few clicks away, you can reduce marketing costs, bring in greater foot traffic and boost your sales, all thanks to our beautifully designed templates and easy to use software. Reach out and book a demo to see how our digital signage solutions can grow your business.
Lachlan Ross

Written by Lachlan Ross

Marketing Manager at Mandoe

I’m a SAAS-focused marketer with 10+ years of experience who likes to think I’ve got a way with words - thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog.

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