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Digital signage: the greener choice

Lachlan Ross

October 13, 2022

For more and more brands across the globe, adopting eco-friendly practices is simply part and parcel of doing business these days. And while it might be easy to dismiss ‘going green’ as nothing but a trendy move to boost sales, the fact is, it really is good for your business and good for the planet. As a sustainable alternative to the old school days of printed marketing material, digital signage not only saves paper, reduces waste, and decreases energy usage, but it can also have a huge positive impact on your budget, saving you money in the long run. With all that in mind, let’s have a look at how digital signage is helping businesses go green.

Say goodbye to paper

The days of paper marketing materials are slowly disappearing. Why? Paper has always been a deep source of environmental concern. Its production relies on deforestation, landfill and air pollution, all which contribute to higher amounts of harmful greenhouse gases. The printing process itself includes use of inks, plastics and other toxic chemicals, leading to a manufacturing cycle that constantly harms the earth. Unlike paper marketing material, digital signage relies on low-energy, high quality displays, where no paper or printing is necessary, meaning you can show off those new products without cutting down one extra tree.
the greener choice

Reduce waste and save money

So you’ve got some new seasonal posters to hang for everybody to see. What happens to them once the sale or promotion is over? They’re probably going straight in the bin, right? With digital signage, this unnecessary waste is no longer an issue. By using long-lasting, permanent digital signs, you can use simple yet powerful software to quickly customise and deploy your own beautiful signage that can be saved and used again year after year. No more printing new posters and throwing them out every month, no more having to re-order menus because you’ve decided to change things up, and definitely no more wasted money on unnecessary printing, freight and disposal costs.

Saving energy with modern technology

While digital signage definitely requires power to function, modern screens are built to draw as little energy as possible. In fact, modern technology has reduced energy consumption by as much as 90% in the past 20 years. And while this is sure to save you money compared to the drain of repeatedly purchasing new printed materials or paying for a new billboard to be put up, in the long run, these low energy LED and LCD screens also use less energy than those antiquated archaic alternatives. When using digital displays there are no factories required, no logistics and transport needed and no heavy manufacturing machinery being turned on. All of these previously energy heavy processes are now history, all thanks to the simplicity and efficiency of modern digital signage.
the greener choice

It’s up to you

Our beautiful digital display solutions save time, money and valuable resources. Thanks to our easy to use software and hardware options, you can easily create and display the content you want, when you want. No more stressing about expensive, wasteful, boring printed displays that don’t look great, are often hard to read, and are a terrible drain on the environment. If your business is ready to go green, showcase eye-catching content and boost your brand awareness, start a free trial today.
Lachlan Ross

Written by Lachlan Ross

Marketing Manager at Mandoe

I’m a SAAS-focused marketer with 10+ years of experience who likes to think I’ve got a way with words - thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog.

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