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Hair and beauty digital signage - 5 reasons to invest

Lachlan Ross

July 6, 2021

The variety of hair salons and beauty shops is growing every year. So how do you stand out, bring in the right clients and boost your bottom line? Digital signage is a powerful and effective way to draw people into your store. Hair and beauty is a high paced industry, and there's no shortage of exciting new brands. Incorporating solutions like Mandoe's Digital Signage is an engaging and modern way to advertise and keep customers informed. Let’s see how they can help your salon or shop up its game.

Hair and beauty digital signage can increase your sales

You can’t be everywhere at once. You and your staff are busy making sales and helping as many clients as possible. But what if you had an extra salesperson? How about two, or three? By getting your digital signage in front of the right eyes, you’ve now got a few extra virtual sales assistants that’ll help boost sales in no time. And as recent studies show, digital signage can increase the average retail sale price by 29.5%. Customers will be more aware of your brand, know the ins and outs of your services, and feel more at home in your salon or shop. All of this adds up to a more relaxed customer who’s ready to spend a little more (and tell their friend as well).
hair and beauty digital signage

Grow your Point Of Sale impulse purchases

So, you’ve got a satisfied customer who’s just had their hair done. Or maybe somebody who’s come in to stock up on their favourite skincare. It’s time to break out the impulse purchases. With 62% of Australian shoppers more likely to make an impulse purchase when the product is discounted or affordably priced, grabbing your customer’s attention can lead to more frequent, last-second purchases. Display some digital signage at the point of sale and you’ll have customers walking out the door with an extra item or two that they didn’t realise they wanted. It’s a tried and true way of boosting sales and improving the customer experience. Use our online digital signage builder to quickly update your display, and promote that awesome product while your customers are getting ready to pay – it’s that simple.

Share your glowing testimonials

There’s nothing quite like word of mouth to get people flocking to your salon or beauty shop. You’re probably already sharing all those fantastic Google reviews via social media, so why not proudly display them in your store and windows for all to see? Online ratings play a vital role in building brands across all industries – hair and beauty aren’t any different. By installing digital signage in your salon or shop, everyone can see just how good your products and services are, and before you know it, you’ll have new customers wanting to get their hands on all you have to offer.

Promote monthly specials with hair and beauty digital signage

Digital screens are an upfront and engaging way to promote all of your amazing specials and promotions. Introducing a new treatment? Got a limited time offer on a new line of products? Use your digital signs as a dynamic catalogue to cycle through all of your current and upcoming specials. Easily include prices, images and any other important information to help draw in passers-by. And for your existing customers who might always come in for their ‘usual’, keep them informed on deals and specials that might entice them to have a look at something new.

Build community with staff profiles

When your customers come into the shop, they want to take care of themselves. And they trust the people who are helping them do it. They trust the people who are cutting their hair, doing their nails and giving them the latest info on products that will help them look after themselves. For some, it’s a lifelong relationship with friendly faces, filled with good conversation and helpful advice. Digital signage lets you add a personal touch to your store with staff profiles, action shots and funny quotes to help create a welcoming, connected space. You can even include congratulatory messages for those special life milestones and achievements for all to see.

Ready to give digital signage a try?

A visit to the salon or beauty shop helps people feel good. So why not give them the best experience possible? Our dynamic digital signage solutions can help you take the next step forward in creating a modern salon environment. If you’d like to see how digital signage can take your salon or shop to new heights. Reach out and book a demo today.
Lachlan Ross

Written by Lachlan Ross

Marketing Manager at Mandoe

I’m a SAAS-focused marketer with 10+ years of experience who likes to think I’ve got a way with words - thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog.

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