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6 advertising ideas for sports store digital signage

Lachlan Ross

September 20, 2021

Sports inspires and entertains. It leaves us in awe, but also encourages us to get out there and try things ourselves. With more and more of us wanting to explore our fitness and skills through organised sports and other outdoor activities, sporting retail stores have become a place to try out the new equipment and gear that will help us reach our goals. And with the fast-paced nature of the industry, it’s not surprising that its customers are used to dynamic, high-quality advertising. Digital signage gives sporting goods stores the power to connect with a growing audience and dramatically boost sales. But how exactly? Let’s take a look at 6 advertising ideas for digital signage in your sports store.

Point of sale advertising for impulse purchases

While sporting customers usually have a clear idea of what they’re looking for when they visit your store, making the most of impulse purchases on their way out can be critical for driving up your overall sales. With almost two-thirds of Australians opening up their wallets to impulse purchases, the potential to sell small and discounted items at the point of sale is constantly growing. By using digital signage to display the right digital signage at the front counter, you’ll have the potential to get related items in front of your customer's eyes. From discount racks of last season’s activewear, or any number of small sporting goods like tennis balls, skipping ropes, hats and more, you’ll see many of your satisfied customers walking out with more in their shopping bags.
6 advertising ideas for sports store digital signage

Advertising time sensitive deals with sports store digital signage

With the dynamic nature of physical activity and sports, having a bright, fun and interactive way to promote seasonal and limited time offers makes perfect sense for sports retail. Limited edition sneakers that’ll fly out the door? A new product that has an exciting intro offer? No stress. Use rich, dynamic content like videos and audio to clearly show what’s in-store and how long your customers can grab these amazing deals. By placing these digital signs in your windows or across retail centres alongside information stands and maps, you can easily draw more people to your store who might have normally missed out on these strictly limited offers.

Clearance sale advertising

Sports retail has one of the most consistent seasonal update cycles in retail. With new runners, sports jerseys and plenty of other items getting a slick new refresh every 6 - 12 months, there’s always the opportunity for bargain bin clearances and rack after rack of affordable sporting equipment that’s just as good as the current season’s batch (only a little older). So if you need to clear your shelves and make way for the new, exciting items – use digital signage across all of your locations to sell those old bitsa of stock that don’t seem to be going anywhere. With easily designed displays, you can show off your huge discounts and make sure those sale items recoup some of your wholesale purchase costs, and not just watch those items see out their days on some warehouse shelf.

Sports store digital signage can help your visual merchandising

Consumers are savvier than ever, they research products extensively and know what they want when they visit a brick and mortar retail store. So how can your sports retail store stand out and showcase the premium items you have for sale? High-end, target-specific digital signage for your visual merchandising – that’s how. And it has become so expected, retailers risk losing business if their displays are not up to the mark. With beautiful imagery and detailed interactive displays, you can easily place familiar branding and logos alongside the world-renowned athletic and sports brands you have in stock. Use these through your stores in various locations to have the maximum effect. This may include:
  • Window displays
  • In-store displays
  • Point-of-sale screens
  • External screens (shopping centre information and maps)
Having your branding in the right places is key to helping your brand awareness significantly increase, and with it, your sales.
6 advertising ideas for sports store digital signage

Advertising competitions with sports store digital signage

Do you have an exciting competition to promote? Maybe it’s a training session with an AFL, NRL or A-League team. Or the chance to win a signed sports jersey from one of Australia’s best. Displaying these promotions alongside your dynamic catalogue of sports goods is another great way to draw customers into your store and increase the chance of a sale. With the right contest marketing strategy, you can drive brand awareness, promote your products, gain greater insight into your target audience and build a stronger interactive experience through higher engagement. So, if you’ve got a clever idea for an event, giveaway, poll, quiz or any other sort of fun competition for your customers, displaying it via a clear digital display in your store is a great step towards building more participants, and ultimately, sales.

Promote your store on social media

Bringing people along on a journey from their phones and into your store doesn’t have to be too difficult. With many Australians finding out about new products via social media, digital signage gives your sports store the chance to show off your new range of items via trusted reviews, shared photos and content. Team up with sports stars and get those new sneakers circulating on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more. For the clued-in customer, seeing these displays of their sporting idols promoting your store via an engaging in-store social media feed is a sure fire way to get people coming back and buying more.

Connect with your customers – book a demo today!

With easy-to-use templates and accessible software that lets anybody create a display of amazing digital signage, Mandoe Media can help your sports store take your marketing to new heights. From dynamic catalogues and front window displays to reels of glowing feedback from your loyal customers, Mandoe has got your covered. To learn more on how Mandoe can help your business jump to the next level, reach out and book a demo today.
Lachlan Ross

Written by Lachlan Ross

Marketing Manager at Mandoe

I’m a SAAS-focused marketer with 10+ years of experience who likes to think I’ve got a way with words - thanks for stopping by and checking out this blog.

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